Few months ago, weather forecasters made a warning that, from late October to November, heavy rains and floods are to be expected in Sub-Saharan parts of Africa. Not that I trust them that much but their warning doesn’t come as a surprise given that these parts are always sitted on the thorny side of a sodom apple leaf;

>Long dry seasons bearing sand storms, severe sun, famine = DEATHS

>Short wet seasons with heavy downpours, strong winds, floods = DEATHS

Residents live in naked terror of tomorrow for they know not the gift that nature will bestow on them at sun rise. One thing they’re sure of; the gift wouldn’t be of their liking, only extent of abhorrence will vary. Well aware, me and you are, that nature wasn’t always this way. Who made her this way; a mortal enemy to mankind? Who made her once benign aspects (sun, wind, rain) lethal weapons for her warfare? It us; me, you and those before us. Though to differing extents we’re all to blame. Yes, all;

  1. You, the industrialist.
  2. Me, the charcoal man.
  3. He, the timber man.
  4. Us, burners of carbon compounds
  5. Me and you, the blind or dumb.

Yeah, we made an enemy, started a war and thousands of souls we lose in each attack. This war we will never, can never win. Are we satisfied with invariably losing souls to it? Is there nothing we can do? For real, really, really, nothing? Not even making peace with Her?

It has been rainy over the last few days and thoughts about Sub-Saharan residents have been a loyal companion since then. Tonight as I sit staring at my book all see is picture of terror struck village at slight hint of rain.

Sky darken
Chilly zephyr blows
And blue waters froths with furry.

In dread,
Birds nest mute,
Kids shelter tacit.
World, silent, awaiting unknown.

Elijah GK.

(Fibonacci Poem, syllable structure per verse)


Even before tears in eyes of Kenyans has vaporized, more floods flocked in today afternoon after news that Hon. Joyce Laboso, 2rd Governor of Bomet has succumb to cancer. Joyce Laboso, former MP for Soitik succumbed to Colon cancer at Nairobi Hospital this afternoon after battling the dreary disease for two years. This battle had seen the deceased visit several hospitals around the world including London and India hospitals where she had arrived from two weeks ago.

Laboso’s death triples shreds of tears Kenyans have shed in a single month as a result death of prolific Kenyans due to cancer. 3 weeks ago, Kenyans woke up to shocking news about death Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who succumbed to Leukemia. Sorrow inflicted on Kenyans knew no bounds as thousands took to their social media accounts to wish the top notch administrator who saw flourishing of Safaricom RIP.

Barely 3 days ago Kenyans again were mourning and still mourning after death of Hon. Ken Okoth. Ken Okoth, MP for Kibera South, on Thursday last week fared well to the world after battling colorectal cancer for months. Hon. Laboso’s death comes even before burial of Ken Okoth.

The recent deaths as a result of cancer has sparked a debate on efforts put by Kenyan government to control cancer. Has the government done enough? What needs to be done?